What is the Must Have accessory for every soldier?

Traser P6600 Sand – tactical watch from Traser, has become one of the most popular watch models produced by Swiss com-
pany MB-microtec. Where is the reason of such popularity?

The popularity came from special concept and excellent design of this watch, and also from big popularity between US soldiers.
The US army renewed their uniforms and replaced Multicam camouflage pattern to ACUPAT (Army Combat Uniform PATtern),
also known as digital camouflage. The US army regularly participate in military missions in the Middle East and Afganistan,
where the desert or sand colour dominates, so their uniforms and all accessories should be of the same color.

For this reason, Traser P6600 Sand is perfect for the US soldiers participating in military missions in Afghanistan. Hands,
numbers and characters in the dial are coloured in sand colour. The functionality of Traser P6600 Sand watch increases
with trigalight illumination, which makes the control of time easy even at night.

This watch is really sturdy, thanks to a double case. One layer is made of stainless steel, which is reinforced with glass fiber
at the outside. This double case ensures the durability of the watch. The case diameter is 45 mm, the thickness is 11 mm and
the weight 80 grams.

Traser P6600 Sand has a bidirectional rotating bezel with black minutes tags. It is also important to mention that this watch model
has a calendar function which is not only informative but also perfectly adapted to a common watch design.  

Traser P6600 Sand

Trigalight illumination integrated in Traser P6600 Sand is green. Why green? Because the research has shown that this color is
the most effective and the most discernible in the dark. Traser Sand has 13 green trigalight tubes (the color of trigalight is
different in each watch model) and 1 orange at 12 hours tag.  

This Traser watch model has a swiss quartz movement RONDA 517.6 DD. Very important thing to mention: Traser P6600 Sand
meets the basic standards of NATO and has a sapphire crystal glass, resistant to scratches, which can occur, for example, after
contact with sand.

Tactical watch Traser P6600 Sand was created for special forces soldiers involved in tactical operations or missions in deserts
and hot climates zones. For this reason this Traser model has a higher resistance to water (200 meters), which is certified
according to the ISO 2281 standard. The bracelet is made of NATO textile resistant to temperature changes. According
to the needs you can choose the color for your Traser watch: sand or black and sand colors combination.

TRASER P6600 Sand was created for soldiers and everyone who wants to have a really reliable and invincible watch.