Traser H3 - Titans power in your watch

Are you looking for an exceptionally durable watch? Have you already heard about Traser titanium watches?

Titanium watches are absolutely one of the favorite accessories of everyone who loves an active lifestyle. This type of watches can be worn even in extreme situations.
Titanium alloy structure is flexible enough so you can be sure that your Traser watch will be resistant to any impact or contact with a hard surface. This is why titanium
was named in honor of Greek mythology creatures - the Titans.

Why titanium is so special?

Titanium naturally has anti-allergic properties, so it's really important feature for people with allergies. Titanium does not cause allergies or other unpleasant senses even
worn for a long time.

Another feature of titanium - low thermal conductivity. Titanium watch worn on the wrist gets warm from body heat and keep warm and comfortable as long as you wear
this accessory. It is interesting that the warmth of the titanium watch does not depend on the ambient temperature.

Traser Titanium watch

Other very important characteristic of titanium - lightness. The appearance of the titanium watches is very similar to steel watches, but titanium is lighter than steel, so this
may be an important factor when choosing a watch, for example, for a long journey.

It is important to mention that titanium is more resistant to external factors than other metals. Also this metal has a high resistance to the electromagnetic fields.

The first titanium watch from Traser

The first watches made of titanium have been made in 1980, but it was thought that the production of these watches are not profitable due to high production costs. As well,
the producers hesitated if titanium watches will be popular and interesting for buyers. However, all these doubts have been completely unfounded when the demand for titanium
watches significantly increased in 1982.

The first Traser H3 titanium watch was produced by Swiss company MB-MICROTEC in 1999. Traser titanium watch collection Commander was created in 2013 and two new
watches were presented for this occasion: Traser P6506 Commander Force and Traser P6506 Commander 100 Force.

Traser titanium watch

These two models have sapphire crystal glass with anti-scratch coating, are resistant to water (200 meters) so they are perfect for swimming and diving.  

Unidirectional rotating bezels (Commander 100 Force – titanium bezel, Commander Force – carbon bezel) with minute grades and trigalight illumination decorate the case of
these Traser titanium watches.

All presented features of Traser Commander watches make this accessories really popular between security, law enforcement and other special services. You can trust your
Traser watch in any time and any situation!