Must Have Accessory - Traser® H3 EXTREME SPORT CARBON PRO

The weather is getting more and more warmer, so everyone spend more time in nature playing sports: exercising, running,
diving or just traveling and camping.

Every sportsman or traveler needs a durable and reliable watch which allows to watch the time, to use the stopwatch or
the calendar. Your cell phone, computer or your iPad are not the best choice when you are travelling or playing sports in
nature. The watch is the leader in this position.

Traser Extreme Sport quartz watches are characterized by high impact and temperature changes resistance, as well as
water resistance up to 200 meters.

Every sportsmen and traveler has its own requirements for watch: some people love a quiet relaxation in nature, the other
ones adore extreme sports: climbing, diving or surfing. So they need a totally different watches.

Cyclists, surfers, snowboarders, climbers - each of them undoubtedly would be impressed and pleased with the Traser
Swiss watches from Extreme Sport collection.

We want to introduce you a special Traser Extreme Sport Series watch Traser® H3 CARBON PRO EXTREME SPORT.

This watch is considered one of the most powerful and immortal watch models around the world. Traser Carbon Pro watch
is perfect for extreme sports, traveling or just for casual wearing.

Traser Extreme Sport Carbon Pro watch

Externally Traser® H3 CARBON PRO EXTREME SPORT watch looks pretty rough, but at the same time really stylish.
This model was developed based on the previously created Traser watch P6600 Mil-G, corresponding to military NATO
 standards. The Extreme Sport Carbon Pro model has a double steel reinforced fiberglass construction, resistant to any
impact. The case is decorated with a bidirectional rotating bezel made of extremely sturdy PVD coated steel.

The watch case is made of carbon fiber, justifying this model name "Carbon Pro". Clear and easy legible white numbers
and hour/minute grades, which are more brighter in the dark because of trigalight illumination with tritium gas. Ice blue
illumination gives unmatched clarity in the dark or even in complete darkness. A special trigalight technology is used in
all Traser watches to illuminate the hands and the bezel. Trigalight is a unique illumination technology which does not
require any additional electric charge, sunlight or battery. A very small glass tubes coated inside with shining material
are filled with tritium gas. The electrons emitted by tritium gas interact with the lightning material and causes a
constant shine.

The case of Traser Extreme Sport Carbon Pro watch is protected by a sapphire crystal glass, anti-reflex and anti-scratch
coating, which protects the watch from damages. Quartz Ronda 517.6 DD movement works perfectly in low and in high
temperatures (50 ° C heat). This movement is resistant to temperature changes and magnetic field effects.

Very important feature of the watch - water resistance. Traser Extreme Sport Carbon Pro watch is water resistant up to
200 meters, so you can swim or even dive wearing your Traser watch.

The Traser Carbon Pro watch can be worn with a NATO textile or silicone bracelets. You can choose the bracelet according
to your needs and activities. Silicone bracelet is perfect for water sports lovers, because it is light, waterproof and perfectly
fits to the wrist.

Traser Extreme Sport watches - reliable, durable, stylish and top-quality Swiss accessories.