For exclusivity lovers - Traser® Limited Edition Watches

We introduce two new Traser watch models from Limited Edition collection. These watches have been
developed in cooperation with the special forces soldiers and specialists from different fields.

T-7.5 Limited Edition blue and T-7.4 Limited Edition Green - watches, which were made in limited quantities:
T-7.5 - 200 pieces, and T-7.4 only 100 pieces! Their exclusivety is reflected especially in the design of the
dial: red seconds pointer, red minutes pointer and red dots at 12h grade. Red color is perfect to monitor the
time in a different situations.

The numbers of the watches were chosen anthracite gray and 12h interval marked by a triangle sign. All the
figures in the dial are positioned 5 to 55 sequence corresponding to the sequence number of military watch
model. The second string of numbers represents the time zone from 13 to 23 h.

Traser Limited Edition

At the 6 hour grade the radiation sign indicates that H3 tritium gas were used for illumination of hands
and hour grades. Tritium gas are radioactive, but they are hermetically enclosed in small tubes which do
not cause any risk to health. Tritium interacts with phosphorus and create a permanent illumination source
in the dark. It is important that trigalight illumination technology does not require any additional energy
sources (solar light, electricity, etc.) and is called self-luminous technology.

It's really powerful and very robust military watches made of glass fiber-reinforced polyamide, which offer
superior strength and durability. Both Traser models are water resistant to 200 m., have a mineral K1 glass
and can be equipped with NATO textile or rubber bracelets. T-7.5 Limited Edition blue watch has a blue and
orange trigalight illumination; T-7.4 Limited Edition green - green and orange trigalight. These watches are
perfect accessories for professional activities and everyday wear.

Traser® ELITE Chronograph – for Extreme sports lovers

This year, the Swiss watch manufacturer MB-MICROTEC continues to surprise us with new Traser watch models.

The 8th time this year, we celebrate the birth of the new Traser watch. This time we are happy to introduce you
- Traser® ELITE Chronograph. This watch from Extreme Sport collection was created for Tour de Suisse 2015.
We are sure that all extreme sports lovers will be amazed by this new Traser watch.

Traser Elite Chronograph

Traser® ELITE Chronograph watch is really sturdy - a double steel case (Steel inner container, steel outer case) is
strong and reliable, so it can be worn in extreme situations. The Traser watch has a black dial which is decorated with
white stylish numbers, yellow elements, white and a yellow hands. In the dark, Traser Elite Chronograph is illuminated
with yellow and ice blue trigalight® illumination.

The new Traser model has a unidirectional rotating steel bezel which has an ice blue trigaliht® illumination. Also this watch
has a stopwatch and a unique function date field illuminated with trigalight. Other Traser models do not have an illuminated
date field, so this function improves the date vision in the dark.

Traser® ELITE Chronograph watch, can be chosen with black silicone or steel bracelets. Silicone bracelet is perfect for
everyone who loves water sports or works in the water. This Traser watch also has a high resistance to water - 200
meters. This feature makes it the perfect companion in the water.

Try the new Traser® ELITE Chronograph watch and enjoy the quality of Swiss Made watches.


Traser® H3 2015: Survivor, Tornado Pro and Special Forces 100

Swiss company MB-MICROTEC has already introduced four new models of Traser H3 watches in 2015. However, the MB-MICROTEC
surprises us and presents another three new Traser H3 watch models.

All new Traser family members are from the Professional collection, so why professional watches fans should really hurry up and
discover the latest Traser creations.

The top three of new Traser H3 watches consists of Traser Survivor, Traser Tornado Pro and Traser Special Forces 100 watch models.

traser new collection 2015

Traser® H3 Survivor. The new Traser model case is made of stainless steel, has a sapphire crystal glass and unidirectional rotating
bezel with trigalight illumination. This watch offers a choice of three different bracelets: stainless steel, NATO textile and rubber.

Traser® H3 Tornado Pro watch case is made of PVD coated stainless steel, which gives a special durability for this watch.
The Tornado pro watch has a sapphire crystal glass, a unidirectional rotating bezel and three different bracelets that you can
choose according to your individual needs: rubber, NATO textile and PVD coated steel bracelet.

Traser® H3 Special Forces 100. This Traser watch is made of titanium, so it is lightweight but extremely sturdy. Special
Forces 100 watch with a sapphire crystal glass will be protected from scratches. If  you choose this watch, you will  be
able to choose from several bracelet options: titanium, rubber or NATO textile.

All three watches from new collection 2015, has a trigalight illumination on the dial: 1-11 h - green, 12 h - orange trigalight;
and a green trigalight on the unidirectional rotating bezel. All these models have a date function and are water resistant
to 200 meters.

New Traser H3 Professional watches are waiting for you at !


Traser® 2015: Blue Infinity and Green Spirit

Swiss company MB-MICROTEC invites you to celebrate this spring together and offers you two new Traser
watch models. And we are happy to introduce these watches for you!

Stylish design, high quality, fresh colors - all these words describe perfectly the new Traser Blue Infinity and
Green Spirit watches from Professional collection.

Traser® H3 Blue Infinity with double case, sapphire crystal glass, bidirectional rotating bezel and trigalight
illumination is unique because of its design. Ice blue and white details decorate the case of this watch – hour
grades, hands and bezel. The creators did not forget to create a stylish strap for Blue Infinity watch. Black
textile strap decorated with white and blue stripes fits perfectly for this model.

traser new collection 2015

Traser Green Spirit watch - fresh colors, stylish design and the feeling of lightness on your wrist. This new
Traser watch has a double steel and fiberglass case, bidirectional rotating bezel, sapphire crystal glass
and green trigalight illumination. Green details decorate not only the case of the watch, but also the strap.

Both watches are water resistant to 200 meters, have a calendar function, are light and comfortable to
wear. This is a great choice for spring and summer.

Be unique, be stylish, be colorful with Traser!


Traser® H3 RED COMBAT 2015

In 2015 Traser presents newly designed Red Combat watch from Professional line.

Professional line is especially loved by the special services representatives: police officers, firefighters, medicine
and security personnel. These watches are characterized by extra durability and extra features
(ex. Pulse rate scale), trigalight illumination technology which allows you to see your Traser watch in the dark or
even underwater.

Newly designed Red Combat watch was presented with two new bracelets designed only for this model.

Natural leather, rich black color, woven leather pattern decorated with red borders – this is one
 of the new Red Combat straps.

The second one, deep colors - black rubber strap with red borders, perfectly matching the Red Combat colors duo
– black and red. This black watch strap is light, comfortable and waterproof, making it perfect for active sports.

The combination of black and red colors – is the perfect choice for this watch and also the perfect choice for
everyone who love classy and chic things.

Red combat naujiena 2015